Rosie Brennan wearing the Julbo Fury

Rosie Brennan's Favorite Sunglasses for Cross Country Skiing

Rosie Brennan has long been a Julbo athlete, wearing our sunglasses while racing cross country skiing at the highest level in the U.S. and abroad. Rosie is a two-time Olympian, competing in 2018 in...
The Best Goggles & Lenses for this Winter’s Farmer’s Almanac Forecast
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The Best Goggles & Lenses for this Winter’s Farmer’s Almanac Forecast

The 2024 Old Farmer’s Almanac is in, and with it comes the iconic prognostications for winter weather in 18 regions across the U.S. Whether you believe the book or not, its forecasts are based on ...
The Best Sunglass Lenses For Foul Weather
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The Best Sunglass Lenses For Foul Weather

With autumn rapidly approaching, it’s time to start preparing for the colder, darker conditions that accompany this time of year. Picking the right lens for the rapidly changing weather that is the...
Julbo Sunglass Tech Guide
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Julbo Sunglass Tech Guide

From Trivex to Base Curve and the ever changing lens names, sunglass technology can be hard to keep track of. If you've ever found yourself wondering what some of these terms mean, we've got you co...
7 Best Glacier Glasses Reviewed
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7 Best Glacier Glasses Reviewed

Julbo is well known for its glacier glasses, we've been designing and creating them for over 135 years. Today, we took some time to give you a video review of the features built-in 7 of our most po...
Trail Runners Love the Julbo Fury
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Fury Reviews: Athletes Share The Stoke

With a wide, cylindrical lens and perfect ventilation, the Fury is made for speed. It's a favorite of cyclists of all varieties—road, gravel, mountain bike—as well as backcountry skier, trail runne...
Julbo Athlete Wears Glasses for Backcountry Skiing
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Best Sunglasses For Backcountry Skiing

Goggles and skiing go hand in hand. But sunglasses are just as important in the mountains and particularly when skiing in the backcountry. They’re helpful on long days in sunny skintracks and keep ...
Benefits of Julbo REACTIV Photochromic Technology
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Benefits of Photochromic Lenses

With so many lens options on the market, it can feel like you need training as an optician or meteorologist to determine the perfect lens. Luckily, Julbo has developed the REACTIV photochromic lens...
Julbo Ambassadors Top Picks for Mountaineering

Ambassador Picks For Mountaineering, Climbing, Trail Running and More

Julbo's heritage is rooted in mountaineering. Today, we make styles for all types of mountain pursuits rooted in that experience and craftsmanship and tailored for modern needs. Our ambassadors rev...
Skier making a powder turn in Julbo Goggles

Top Styles for Freeride Backcountry & Nordic Skiing Reviewed By Our Ambassadors

No matter your favorite type of skiing, Julbo has you covered, with a wide array of goggles for everything from freeride to backcountry, plus sunglasses for touring and Nordic. A handful of our ski...
Two Backcountry Skiers skinning to the summit

The Best Goggles For The Backcountry

Backcountry skiing and riding can put your gear through the wringer. Goggles might be just a small piece of that equation, but compromised vision and eye fatigue can ruin a great day in the mountai...
Julbo REACTIV Goggles
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Five Benefits Of Photochromic Goggle Lenses

Selecting the perfect goggle lens for a day in the mountains can feel like it requires a degree in meteorology. Julbo’s REACTIV photochromic technology offers something better than a crash course i...
Konsti Ottner Skiing Powder in his Julbo Goggles
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The Top Three Factors For Choosing Your Next Goggles

The right pair of goggles can be much more than a fashion piece. They protect your eyes, provide clarity in challenging weather and help to keep your face warm. In addition, choosing the proper gog...
Santa Cruz Syndicate MTB rider wearing the Julbo Meta
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Polarized Lenses: Always Essential?

When looking for new sunglasses the topic of conversation inevitably turns to polarized lenses. Although the benefits of polarization are undeniable, reduction of glare from reflective surfaces and...
Mountain Biker wearing the Julbo Rush
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How To Choose Your Next Performance Sunglasses

Clear vision is essential no matter what you’re up to. This means that sunglasses are much more than a simple fashion accessory—they’re a tool to improve performance. Three key elements come togeth...
What's The Difference Between The Julbo Shield and Shield M

What's The Difference Between The Shield and Shield M

The Shield and Shield M are versatile and lightweight multi-sport sunglasses. Designed for the mountains, but comfortable in any environment. But how do you determine which pair is right for you? R...
What's The Difference Between The Julbo Montebianco 2 And Monterosa 2

What's the Difference Between the Montebianco 2 and Monterosa 2

The Montebianco 2 and Monterosa 2 are modern mountaineering sunglasses that embody the spirit of the mountains. Loaded with features, and available with a variety of lenses, these sunglasses will h...
Two alpinists descend from the summit in their Julbo sunglasses

Why Sunglasses Are Essential In The Mountains

Spending time in the mountains can leave you with a sense of awe and appreciation. It can also leave you with irreparable damage to your eyes. And while many of the risks we face in the mountains ...
Julbo SuperFlow Anti-Fog Technology

Avoid Fogging in your Ski Goggles with the SuperFlow System

In the gondola, skinning during a windy storm, waiting mid run for friend or when climbing uphill: over a day's skiing, there are many times when you need extra ventilation. Thanks to the SuperFlow...
What's The Difference Between The Julbo Vermont Classic And The Cham

What's The Difference Between The Vermont Classic And The Cham

The Vermont Classic and the Cham are two timeless sunglasses. Both are loaded with technology and style, making them equally perfect for high-mountain adventures or visiting your local brewery. So ...
Mountaineer climbing in the Julbo Ultimate Cover

How To Choose Your Mountaineering Sunglasses

Spending time in the mountains can be exhilarating and rewarding. These experiences, however, are not without hazards. Most high-mountain risks are obvious—avalanches, crevasses, high altitude—but ...
Ian Boswell gravel biking in the Julbo Rush

The Best Cycling Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential equipment for any ride, whether it’s a gravel epic or a singletrack rip after work. But like your favorite pair of riding shoes, sunglasses need to fit well and match your ...
Julbo Rush Sunglasses
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How to Properly Clean and Care for your Julbo Eyewear

Eyewear is an integral part of any outdoor activity. Properly cleaning and caring for your eyewear can keep them functioning at their best. Learn the recommended techniques for keeping your Julbo p...
Mountain Biker Riding in the Julbo Fury
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How To Choose Sunglasses: Size, Styles & Lens Guide

Polarized, photochromic, mirrored lenses, visible light transmission—what does it all mean and how does it factor into what makes the best sunglasses? With so much lens technology available, choosi...
REACTIV Goggle Lenses Adjust to Any Condition

The Advantages Of Photochromic Ski Goggles

Just like snowflakes, no two ski days are alike. What lenses are best for which conditions? How many lenses should you bring along for a single, changeable ski day? With REACTIV photochromic lenses...
Konsti Ottner making a powder turn

Top 5 REACTIV Goggle Lenses

Photochromic ski and snow goggle lenses save you from having to pick the right lens before getting on the chairlift or the frustration of trying to change a lens when your fingers are frozen. With ...
Sam Anthamatten Skiing Powder

Sam Anthamatten Reviews Snow Goggles and REACTIV Lenses

Having grown up in Zermatt, Switzerland, Sam Anthamatten is no stranger to big mountain skiing. As an avid freerider, ski mountain guide, mountain biker, and paraglider, Sam is always searching for...
Julbo Athletes Wearing Mountaineering Sunglasses

Best Mountaineering Sunglasses

Since 1888, Julbo has been revolutionizing the eyewear industry for big mountain explorers. Our passion for exploring and first summits is woven into Julbo's culture and continues to push us to des...
Antti Ollila Wears the Julbo Cyrius Goggle

Antti Ollila Reviews The Julbo Cyrius Snow Goggles

Antti Ollila is a Finnish professional freestyle skier, and if you have seen his films, then you know the man has style and only goes big. Antti is featured in Faction's new ski film, Roots, which ...
Julia Kern cross country ski racing in Julbo Sunglasses

Review: Julia Kern's Eyewear Picks For Nordic Skiing

Julia Kern is one of the U.S.'s top Nordic skiing athletes and has competed for all over the world, even placing third in Junior World Championships. Based in Stratton, Vermont, Julia spend most of...
Julbo REACTIV Goggle Lenses
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7 Benefits of Photochromic Snow Goggle Lenses

Every winter brings the next evolution in goggle lens technology. Despite the ever-expanding options, finding the perfect lens can still feel like a daunting task. Photochromic lenses are a combina...
Julbo Skydome Goggles
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Review: Reasons To Love Julbo's Skydome Goggle

Julbo's Skydome ski goggles were designed with versatility in mind, so you can ski from first chair to last. Featuring REACTIV photochromic lenses and a wide, spherical frame, these freeride goggl...
Xavier Thevenard wearing the Julbo Ultimate Sunglasses
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Review: Julbo Ultimate Sunglasses

Whether you're running an ultra marathon, riding berms, or leading the pack cycling, Julbo’s Ultimate sunglasses were designed so you can push your limits. Paired with REACTIV photochromic lenses ...
Julbo Prescription Lenses
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Goggle Options For Prescription Glasses Wearers

Vision problems shouldn't stop you from enjoying a winter sports. For anyone who can't wear corrective contact lenses, prescription sunglasses are a very good alternative. But when the weather take...
Two children having fun in their Julbo sunglasses
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Why Kids Should Wear Sunglasses

Parents know that children never stop moving and are often playing outside. What they may not know is how sensitive their children's eyes are to sunlight. The younger the child, the more susceptib...