Trail Runners Love the Julbo Fury

Fury Reviews: Athletes Share The Stoke

With a wide, cylindrical lens and perfect ventilation, the Fury is made for speed. It's a favorite of cyclists of all varieties—road, gravel, mountain bike—as well as backcountry skier, trail runners and more. Julbo athletes and ambassadors share why they love the Fury and its REACTIV photochromic lenses for performance sports.


The Fury is amazing for road cycling, hands down because of the flatter lens—I love the visual clarity that it provides versus a curved lens. Vision is also much crisper than with other brands I've worn. The ability to utilize replacement parts, like new arms, is a great way for the glasses to last twice as long. Lastly, the nosepiece is really nice in that the glasses just float on your face; it’s extremely comfortable, and they don't slip off even on a humid Southeast day. —Brendan Housler, @brendanhousler


I love the Fury with REACTIV 1-3 Light Amplifier lenses because they are so comfy and versatile. As a mountain biker, I need glasses that stay on my face over rough terrain and can allow me to see in dark woods and bright sections. The Fury does this amazingly well and allow me to be confident I have the right glasses no matter the terrain or light conditions. —Chris Mehlman, @cmehlman34

The Fury sunglasses are perfect for mountain biking because the frames and lens are lightweight and breathable on humid days while still snug on bumpy and technical terrain. The REACTIV 1-3 lens is ideal for the constant changes in lighting while mountain biking—one moment I'm in a bright, open field and the next I'm in shaded singletrack, but the photochromic lens adjusts so quickly that I always forget I'm wearing them! —Kelly Catale, @kelly.catale


For most of my cycling career, I have struggled with glasses fogging up, sliding off my face or being the wrong shade for the conditions. Since going privateer, I have been free to choose Julbo. My favorite pair is the Fury with REACTIV lenses. I never have to change lenses or worry about lens choice when tackling events where I encounter different conditions from pre-dawn to dusk; my eyes are protected, and my vision is always clear. I would recommend them to anyone who wants one less thing to worry about on race day. —Starla Teddergreen, @starlat


I’d recommend the Fury to backcountry skiers, trail runners and bikers. The lens changes with the sunlight, and the glasses stay on without being too tight. They also cover a good portion of the face which I love. Whether it’s nuking graupel in Alaska or a shady trail run, these glasses are my go-to. —Madeline Dunn, @madelinececiliadunn


[Photo] Andy Cochrane

My favorite all-around sunglass is the Fury. As a trail and mountain athlete, I look for a large clear field of vision, which the Fury provides. The photochromic lenses allow me to transition from cloudy to sunny or shaded forest trail to mountain summit without having to think about my sunglasses. —Sarah Keyes, @sarahkeyesruns

My favorite Julbo shades are the Fury, specifically because they are my preferred frame that features a REACTIV lens. The REACTIV lens is the perfect tool for running ultramarathons. Keeping my eyes focused on the trail is just as important one hour into a race as it is 12 hours into a race, and having a single lens that works in direct sunlight, dusk and even at nighttime prevents my eyes from drying out or getting fatigued. The Fury is the love child between an oversized speed shade and lightweight, durable endurance frame. It's served me well for ultramarathons, long mountain bike rides and morning ski tours. —Jeff Colt, @easy_dog