Julbo Ambassadors Top Picks for Mountaineering

Ambassador Picks For Mountaineering, Climbing, Trail Running and More

Julbo's heritage is rooted in mountaineering. Today, we make styles for all types of mountain pursuits rooted in that experience and craftsmanship and tailored for modern needs. Our ambassadors review their favorite styles for mountain sports, whether alpine climbing in the Himalaya, ski touring in the Alps or mountain running in Alaska.


For the three and a half months, I’ve been climbing and trekking in the Himalaya as a guide and on personal trips. Throughout my time here I’ve been wearing the Ultimate Cover. These are full-value performance shades for all conditions. Of all the obstacles I’ve encountered this season in Nepal, eye protection and comfort has not been one of them.

—Ben Lieber, @bennylieb

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I love the Shield’s comfort, durability and complete eye protection, thanks to the shape and side shields. As I have spent all my life enjoying the outdoors, my eyes have become sensitive over the years. These are an easy-to-wear shield for my eyes. I would recommend these glasses to anyone who spends time outside and has sensitive eyes. They keep the no-see-ums and bugs away if you’re biking, keep the dirt out if you’re running and keep the glacier glare and wall debris out if you’re rock or mountain climbing. They are perfect for anything.

—Rob Pizem, @rob_pizem

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The Rush checks all the boxes for active sport sunglasses. I absolutely love them—standout gear that allows me to reach high performance in my favorite sports. Lightweight frame, high technology lenses, protection from the sun, sand and wind—my favorite sunglass for my best look and performance.

—Gisely Ferraz, @brazilianclimbergirl

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The Cham thrives in its native land. Out on the glacier these are, hands down, the best glacier glass around. And they’re super styling to boot. Gone are the days of your dad's glacier glasses!

—Forrest Coots, @forrestcoots


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The Explorer 2.0 is my go-to for backcountry snowboarding. The lens is extremely versatile and protects my eyes on bright sunny days in the snow. The side shields are amazing for glacier trips and also for those cruisy laps when I don’t really need goggles—just a little something to keep the wind off my eyes. I wear them every day that I’m out in the mountains, whether it’s low-angle storm riding or long days in the big mountains.

—Zak Mills, @_zakmills


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Without a doubt my favorite Julbo sunglasses are the Ultimate. The fully adjustable temple and nose piece make the fit custom to my face, so even when I’m descending the most gnarly mountainside the glasses don’t wiggle or slip one bit. The wide and rimless lenses provide crystal clear optics, and REACTIV lenses are always the best choice for trail running.

—Gabe Joyes, @gabejoyes

I use these glasses regularly when running/training in the mountains, but they’re also great for cross-country skiing, biking and really any outdoor activity. For me, the highlight of these glasses are the REACTIV photochromic lenses that get darker or lighter depending on the varying outdoor conditions. They adjust to changing light mid-workout, allowing me to fully focus on each session without distraction. As a runner, it has been difficult to find sport glasses that fit well while I am training and do not move around, and the Ultimate have proven again and again to be top-notch.

—Ruby Lindquist, @ruby_lindquist


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