Konsti Ottner Skiing Powder in his Julbo Goggles

The Top Three Factors For Choosing Your Next Goggles

The right pair of goggles can be much more than a fashion piece. They protect your eyes, provide clarity in challenging weather and help to keep your face warm. In addition, choosing the proper goggles to meet your needs can lead to more enjoyable days on the snow. Read on to learn the top three factors to consider when purchasing your next pair of goggles.



Goggles that properly fit the size and shape of your face will provide an unobstructed field of view. They’ll also be the most comfortable when worn with a helmet, hat or neck gaiter.

Julbo’s goggles are available in various frame sizes, from the smaller-fitting Moonlight to XL framed Alpha. When selecting a frame, make sure they fit correctly over your nose without pinching or pressing down; snuggly to your forehead and along the sides of your face; and without a gap to your helmet at your forehead. This will keep them secure and prevent wind from entering the perimeter of the frame.

Julbo also offers two frame constructions: frameless and minimalist. Goggles with a frameless construction—the Skydome, Cyrius and Spacelab—have an ultra-slim frame that provides maximum field of view. Goggles with a minimalist construction—the Aerospace, Starwind and Airflux—have a slightly thicker frame that provides additional security and protection with a more traditional look.

Julbo also offers the Aerospace, Jupiter and Titan in Over-the-Glasses styles for individuals who wear glasses while skiing or riding. 


Julbo lenses come in two shapes: spherical and cylindrical. 

Spherical lenses curve along the x and y-axis, which provides better defense against glare. In addition, spherical lenses tend to have better ventilation thanks to the increased space between the lens and the face. They also create less visual distortion at the edges of the lens.

Cylindrical lenses curve only along the x-axis. They have a lower-profile style and, as a result, tend to sit closer to your face. Various sizes ensure a large field of view.

Well-ventilated goggles prevent fogging, keeping your vision clear no matter the weather. Every Julbo goggle incorporates superior ventilation into the frame to allow for air circulation. In addition, several goggles utilize Julbo’s Superflow and Switch Air systems.

The SuperFlow system allows the goggle’s lens to be easily pushed forward—even when wearing gloves—for better heat management and to further prevent fogging. The Airflux, Aerospace, Starwind and Aerospace OTG each feature SuperFlow technology.


Winter weather can run the gamut, from bright and sunny to overcast and snowy—even in a single day. The subsequent changing and challenging light conditions can compromise visual clarity and cause eye strain, not to mention make skiing and riding less enjoyable and more dangerous. The right goggle lenses can help manage these changing conditions and mitigate the hazards of challenging light.

Julbo offers two categories of goggle lenses: REACTIV photochromic lenses and Spectron polycarbonate lenses. 

With the widest photochromic range on the market, REACTIV photochromic lenses adjust from light to dark depending on light levels, making them ideal for constantly changing conditions. They combine the benefits of low- and bright-light lenses, eliminating the need to carry multiple lenses. In addition, they offer premium optical quality, scratch resistance and lightness.

Spectron lenses are designed to offer powerful protection for mountain trekking and mountaineering, with an anti-reflective coating to improve visual comfort and a flash finish that enhances the filtration of visible light.