Ian Boswell gravel biking in the Julbo Rush

The Best Cycling Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential equipment for any ride, whether it’s a gravel epic or a singletrack rip after work. But like your favorite pair of riding shoes, sunglasses need to fit well and match your style. Learn what makes the perfect riding sunglasses and Julbo’s top styles for riding.



Julbo Fury Sunglasses



1. THEY’RE LIGHT WEIGHT Weight should always be a top priority. The lightest frames can reduce hotspots and disappear into the background, allowing you to focus on the ride. The sunglasses in our biking range weigh between 22 and 38 grams, making them some of the lightest on the market. 

2. FRAME FITS SECURELY Pay close attention to the materials and the design of the temples and the nosepiece. Adjustable and non-split materials will be more comfortable and stay on more securely when your face gets sweaty or the trail becomes technical. We design our frames to be light, adaptable and technical, with thin, adjustable, non-split temples that will fit under a helmet and an adjustable nosepiece to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

3. THEY OFFER SUPERIOR EYE PROTECTION Beyond offering protection from the sun's rays, sunglasses help keep your eyes clear from dust, wind, cold, bugs and other things that can disturb your vision. This will help optimize your performance during any ride. With durable frames and high-quality lenses, our biking sunglasses provide protection against whatever the trail throws at you.

4. THE LENSES ARE HIGH QUALITY You might experience everything from bright, midday sun to overcast, rainy conditions on a ride, which can lead to compromised visual clarity and eye strain. Ensuring clear vision and protection no matter the weather or time of day will enhance your ride. This makes selecting the right lenses one of the most important aspects of purchasing biking sunglasses.


The FURY is a favorite of Julbo athletes Remy Metailler and Hannah Otto and the Hot Tubes Junior Development Team, the Fury’s lightweight, fully vented frame and wide field of vision have you covered, whether you’re barreling down your local trails or ripping up the tarmac.

Frame: The Fury is lightweight and designed to fit perfectly under any helmet, with a wide, cylindrical lens for maximum field of vision. Strategically positioned vents prevent fogging during wet rides and hard efforts while the elastomer Air Link Temple System offers improved comfort and lightness.

Comparison: The medium-sized Fury fits slightly smaller than the large Ultimate and Rush, with a cylindrical lens versus the other sunglasses’ spherical style. It’s just as vented as the other two options, and while the temples and nosepiece are not adjustable like the others, the elastomer on both offer a secure and comfortable fit. The Fury is available in all the same REACTIV and Spectron lenses as the Rush and Fury, plus a Spectron 1 lens that’s great for darker or wet conditions.

Former World Tour pro Ian Boswell regularly reaches for the RUSH, including wearing them to victory at the 2021 Unbound Gravel 200 race and a third-place finish in 2022’s epically muddy edition.

Frame: The Rush offers uncompromised performance to respond to the demands of cycling. The perfectly vented spherical lens offers a maximum lateral and vertical field of vision for an unobstructed view in every position. The Flex³ temples provide superb adjustment for total grip and comfort and are compatible with all types of helmets. In addition, the adjustable 3D Nose pads adjust to fit any nose shape.

Comparison: The Rush is the largest of these three sunglasses, with a spherical lens similar to that of the Ultimate (versus the Fury’s flatter cylindrical lens). Also, like the Ultimate, the Rush’s nosepiece and temples are adjustable, meaning they can be shaped for a customized and secure fit. The Rush’s Flex³ temples are more adjustable than the Ultimate’s CustomFIT temples.

The ULTIMATE'S tapered outline and lightweight design push the limits of performance. Each detail of the Ultimate’s geometry was designed to help riders go faster for longer.

Frame: New CustomFIT temples, equipped with Grip tech, offer precise adjustment to guarantee perfect, long-lasting grip and lightweight. The frame is fitted with a 3D Nose and Comfort Fit that offer flawless hold when riding flat out. A panoramic lens creates an aggressive look while giving you protection and visual comfort.

Comparison: While the Ultimate’s spherical lens is nearly as big as that of the Rush, the overall fit is slightly smaller due to the half-frame design. That means they’re lighter than the Rush, too, by 11 grams. Both styles feature the same adjustable 3D Nose and adjustable temples—the Ultimate’s CustomFIT temples are more slender and offer a lighter feel than the Rush’s temples.

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