Antti Ollila Wears the Julbo Cyrius Goggle

Antti Ollila Reviews The Julbo Cyrius Snow Goggles

Antti Ollila is a Finnish professional freestyle skier, and if you have seen his films, then you know the man has style and only goes big. Antti is featured in Faction's new ski film, Roots, which explores the foundations of freeriding. In Roots, Antti is rocking the Cyrius goggles, so we decided to ask him what he thinks of them.

I wore the Cyrius ski goggles with REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast goggles everywhere during my ski trips last season. I wear them in all conditions, sunny and cloudy except dark. It's nice having one lens for blue bird, snowy, or foggy days. 

Antti Ollila 2

I'm living in Rukka, which is close to the Russian border. Where I live, the terrain is flat and there are a lot of trees. I like riding in the park as well as riding in the forest, so the light is usually flat and shady. Everything is also white, so having the high contrast lenses helps me read the terrain and bumps better than ever. 

I was in Verbier in April for 10 days shooting for Faction's film, Roots. It was the closing week of the season and the weather was crazy - sunny in the morning and snowing in the afternoons. We called it “Window Shopping” because we were always looking for the window when the sun would come out. 

Antti Ollila 3

We were building jumps in the side country and using the lifts to maximize runs and to be efficient and ski as much as possible. It was intense and I never had to change my goggles due to light conditions or from the lenses fogging. I was feeling so comfortable with these lenses. I was wearing the same lense all day, and had no need to switch.

Before wearing Julbo's REACTIV lenses, I used to have to change my lenses when conditions changed. Skiing in Verbier and back in Finland is easier with the REACTIV lenses because I don't have to switch anything and the white and flat light isn't a problem anymore. 

- Antti Ollila 


Cyrius goggles


WIth REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast Lenses

  • Wide Wraparound Cyclindrical Lens provides a full visbilty 
  • Anti-Fog Technology lets you push the limit without fogging your lenses
  • DualDensity Foam increases shock absorption and decreases movement

REACTIV Deactivated


  • Low or Flat light will cause the lenses to lighten
  • High Contrast technology will increase visibility of bumps and uneven terrain
  • Photochromic lenses change automically so NO Lens Change is needed

REACTIV activated


  • Bright conditions will cause the lens to darken 
  • REACTIV lenses have the fastest response time on the market 
  • REACTIV 1-3 HC lenses have one of the widest photochromic ranges on the market 
  • VLT range - 17% - 75%
  • 100% UV A, B, C protection



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