Amazing! The REACTIV photochromic lens technology is amazing. The lens's have great clarity and responsiveness to changing weather conditions.

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REACTIV Lenses Offer the Widest VLT Range

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) refers to the percentage of light that filters through a lens—the higher the number, the more light passes through. REACTIV lenses offer the widest range possible for any Photochromic lens. From 4% to 87% and back again.

We Guarantee REACTIV Will Work. No Matter What.

While other brands merely coat their lenses with Photochromic technology, we ingeniously embed it within the core of the lens itself. This unique approach ensures seamless transitions, resilience against scratches and impacts, and unaffected performance even in cold conditions. Plus, we back our lenses with a lifetime warranty.

The Best Anti-Fog Treatment Available

At Julbo, we utilize our exclusive anti-fog treatment directly applied to the lens, ensuring crystal-clear vision regardless of the conditions. Say goodbye to foggy lenses and hello to uninterrupted clarity on all your adventures.

Is There a Perfect Lens For Me?

There are many factors that go into choosing the right lens including environment, activity, and the time of day you'll be using it. You can use our Sunglass Finder to determine the best frame and lens for you.


Rugged and durable, designed to endure whatever conditions you encounter. REACTIV is engineered to work, we guarantee it.


Wider Photochromic range then any lens on the market. Reliable from dawn to dusk.


Backed with a lifetime warranty, REACTIV lenses will work in any conditions.

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Clear vision. Always.

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