Skier making a powder turn in Julbo Goggles

Top Styles for Freeride Backcountry & Nordic Skiing Reviewed By Our Ambassadors

No matter your favorite type of skiing, Julbo has you covered, with a wide array of goggles for everything from freeride to backcountry, plus sunglasses for touring and Nordic. A handful of our ski ambassadors from across the U.S. reviewed their favorite styles whether for touring on sunny volcanoes in California, skating groomed tracks in Sun Valley or submerging in blower powder in Bozeman.



The Cyrius is my favorite goggle. They give me wide peripheral vision so that I can see everything, even in stormy conditions. And the antifog is legit! I can skin uphill with the goggles on at a moderate pace with no fog. The REACTIV 1-3 photochromic lens means I never have to mess around with changing lenses; it’s always right for the conditions, from overcast, flat light to full sun.

—Teague Holmes, @teagueholmes

My favorite feature of the Cyrius is the REACTIV 0-4 Photochromic lens, which allows me to have one pair of go-to goggles that will be perfect all day, no matter the changing weather conditions. Being able to have goggles that adjust to my ever-changing environment without having to switch lenses or carry around another pair is phenomenal. The lenses constantly adjust and provide consistent clarity, even when the sun comes and goes. Additionally, the antifog technology in these goggles is outstanding—they simply never fog.

—Avery Bernholtz, @avery.bernholtz

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The Alpha is my favorite Julbo goggles ever—I love the full vision of the frameless style. These are my go-to, do-everything goggle, from climbing steep lines in the spring needing protection from the sun to ripping around storm skiing in the middle of winter.

—Forrest Coots, @forrestcoots


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The Skydome provides a wide field of view, allowing for good visibility dodging trees and schwack in the Vermont backcountry. With the REACTIV photochromic lens, I'm able to ski in dense trees during a storm just as well as rip corn on a sunny spring day. This is the elusive quiver-killer of goggles!

—Aaron Rice, @airandrice

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My most beloved pair of goggles is the Aerospace OTG. The clip in the band allows me to easily remove and put on my goggles whether I am wearing a hat or a helmet. It makes getting dressed and transitions on the skintrack that much faster. The massive peripheral vision allows me to have totally unrestricted vision while making turns. The REACTIV 1-3 lens has blown me away, from making dawn-patrol turns in the dark to bluebird pow days—one lens really does it all. I think this goggle is perfect for people who hate having to take their goggles off to swap lenses and want one goggle to rule them all.

—Weston Deutschlander, @thewestond


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The Tahoe brings style and full coverage for harsh sun in the alpine. They’re great for mountaineering and days on skis when the sun is shining bright.

—Forrest Coots, @forrestcoots 

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The Stowe has quickly become my favorite go-to pair of sunglasses. Light and stylish, they are also extremely versatile. From driving, to walking to class or skinning in the backcountry, these glasses do it all. I really enjoy going ski touring with them, as they are lightweight but have side flaps that keep out bright, reflective snow conditions.

—Avery Bernholtz, @avery.bernholtz

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The Rush is the right pair of glasses for any day as a cross country skier. The adjustable earpieces allow them to fit over any thickness of headwear, and the REACTIV lenses offer great visibility in all conditions. I always take these glasses with me to train or race.

—Margie Freed, @margiefreed