The Best Goggles & Lenses for this Winter’s Farmer’s Almanac Forecast

The Best Goggles & Lenses for this Winter’s Farmer’s Almanac Forecast

The 2024 Old Farmer’s Almanac is in, and with it comes the iconic prognostications for winter weather in 18 regions across the U.S. Whether you believe the book or not, its forecasts are based on historic data and recent observations, including trends in El Niño and polar-vortex conditions, both of which are expected to impact certain regions this winter.

Based on the Almanac’s predictions, we’ve compiled a regional guide to the best goggles and lenses for everything from cold and dry Pacific Northwest conditions to a mild and snowy Northeast winter.

Cold, Dry // REACTIV 2-4 Polarized Lens


THE ALMANAC SAYS: “Though famous for its consistently
heavy precipitation, our forecasts for the Northwest call for a drier-than-normal winter, thanks largely to this year’s winter El Niño…. Winter temperatures will be colder than normal.”

JULBO RECOMMENDS: With high pressure expected to dominate the Pacific Northwest, clear and sunny conditions will prevail. That means polarized goggle lenses with dark tints are best.

Julbo’s top photochromic lens for the brightest conditions is the REACTIV 2-4 Polarized lens, with the highest level of protection for freeride, ski-touring and high-altitude mountaineering. Ideal for conditions from partly sunny to full sun, the REACTIV 2-4 Polarized lens has a visible light transmission range (VLT) from 20 to 5%.

Cool, Wet // REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast Lens


THE ALMANAC SAYS: “A strong El Niño means winter will be wetter than normal, with above-normal mountain snow…. There will be a white Christmas across the Sierra Nevada mountains, but not in the valleys or along the coast…. Winter will be colder than normal throughout the region.”

JULBO RECOMMENDS: Heavy snowfall and wet temperatures are a recipe for difficult visibility, and flat light, fog and poor contrast demand the best goggle lens with the widest photochromic range on the market. That’s the REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast, which transitions from fully clear to dark based on ambient light and has an amber tint to enhance contrast in difficult-to-read terrain. When the weather clears, it’ll transition to 7% VLT for full protection.

Julbo Lens Guide


Our REACTIV Photochromic lens technology is the only option available today that flawlessly and seamlessly reacts to UV light instantly, providing an optimized experience so you can see no matter the weather conditions.

Cold, Snowy // REACTIV 1-3 Glare Control Lens


THE ALMANAC SAYS: “Precipitation and snowfall will be slightly above normal, with the snowiest periods in late November, mid-December, and mid-January…. It will be extra cold! Winter temperatures are well below average overall, with the coldest periods in late November, late December, and early to mid-January, as well as early February in the north only.”

JULBO RECOMMENDS: The mixed bag forecast for Colorado, Montana and Wyoming will result in a little bit of everything, demanding a versatile lens for low light storm skiing and bright conditions from clear and cold high-pressure days.

Julbo’s REACTIV 1-3 Glare Control lens is three lenses in one, providing optimal clarity for conditions from cloudy and stormy to full sun, with a slight polarized treatment that cuts glare to improve contrast and terrain readability.

Cold, Snowy // REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast


THE ALMANAC SAYS: “It’s a whiteout! We’re looking at above-normal snowfall…. Winter will be colder than normal in December (4° below average) and January (4° below average), although February will be just slightly below average.”

JULBO RECOMMENDS: Ready for a repeat of last year in the Wasatch? This year’s El Niño conditions suggest a very wintry repeat, demanding a goggle with great visibility during snowstorms and a dark tint during the high-pressure systems in between.

Julbo’s REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast lens is five lenses in one, transitioning from fully clear to fully dark depending on ambient light. The high contrast tint improves contrast and clarity, to enhance visibility when the light gets difficult.


#color_Green with REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast Lens


REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast

#color_Black with REACTIV 2-4 Polarized Lens


REACTIV 2-4 Polarized

#color_White with REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast Lens


REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast

#color_Black / White with REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast Lens


REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast

Cold, Snowy // Sniper EVO


THE ALMANAC SAYS: “Precipitation in the form of snowfall will be above normal…. Winter temperatures will be below normal, with average temperatures in January and February of 8°F." 

JULBO RECOMMENDS: There’s no denying how difficult visibility can be during a maelstrom or how hard it can be to maintain clear vision when it’s extremely cold. Nordic skiing in these conditions is only more difficult.

The Sniper EVO provides complete coverage from the elements, with a large single lens that’s suspended away from the face to allow for airflow and fog prevention. Available with either a polycarbonate Spectron lens or REACTIV photochromic lens, there’s an option for all conditions. For the snowy, darker days of the Midwest, choose a model with the 0-4 High Contrast lens.  

Mild, Snowy // Lightyear Goggles


THE ALMANAC SAYS: “Precipitation and snowfall will be above normal…. Winter temperatures will be above normal.”

JULBO RECOMMENDS: Warmth plus snow means high humidity and plenty of foggy goggles. Luckily Julbo’s new SuperFlow Pro system, available in the Lightyear goggles, has a best-in-class anti-fog technology that’s superior to the design popularized by the now-discontinued Aerospace goggles. SuperFlow Pro easily switches open to immediately eliminate fog and prevent moisture buildup, replacing the Aerospace goggle’s hinge system with a glove-friendly design and dual-sided magnetic closure that effortlessly locks the lens to the frame. 

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