Top Goggle & Helmet Kits for Backcountry, Freeride, Resort and More

Top Goggle & Helmet Kits for Backcountry, Freeride, Resort and More

When it comes to ski helmets and goggles, compatibility is a matter of function. The right combination fits seamlessly together, with no gap between the goggle frame and helmet and the right amount of coverage. But it’s also a matter of style, with a look that works well together and the right features to complement one another for a specific pursuit, whether in the backcountry, at the resort or freeriding.

These are Julbo’s top helmet and goggle combinations for your style of skiing and riding.

For Backcountry


IN THE BACKCOUNTRY, it’s crucial to save weight and space to maximize efficiency and to find products that are breathable for when skinning gets sweaty. Both the Peak LT and the Lightyear goggles check both these boxes, with minimal weight and maximum utility on the skintrack and in the bootpack.

The Peak LT tips the scales at a mere 360 grams, with multiple ventilation holes, headlamp loops and a removable liner and ear pads, plus dual ski and mountaineering certifications. It’s purpose-built for the backcountry.

The Lightyear is a multitasking hero for all conditions, with a large spherical lens, the innovative SuperFlow Pro anti-fog ventilation system and a wide and slip-free silicone strap for seamless helmet compatibility.

The Lightyear goggles, in conjunction with the Peak LT helmet, have very quickly become my go-to tools for keeping my head and eyes safe while ski mountaineering and skimo racing.

—Graham Zimmerman

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#color_Black / Grey with REACTIV 2-4 Polarized Lens

$299.95 - $319.95


For Freeride


FREERIDE IS ALL ABOUT STYLE and safety, from what you wear to how you make you leave your mark in the air and on the snow. Proper freeride styles are bold and iconic, with reliable safety features to keep you protected when things don’t go as planned.

Julbo took no shortcuts in designing the Razor Edge, the new premium, bold, and frameless XXL photochromic ski goggle. When it comes to assertive style and top-level performance, the Razor Edge holds nothing back.

You prioritize protection, durability and style inbounds and in the backcountry—so does the Hyperion MIPS. This new freeride helmet incorporates a hybrid construction (in-mold + ABS) with MIPS® technology, making it Julbo’s most protective helmet yet. 

The new Razor Edge frame is exactly what I look for in a goggle. Perfect size frame, easy adjustable strap and lens options for every light condition with the REACTIV lenses.

—Tim McChesney

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#color_Black / Grey with REACTIV 2-4 Polarized Lens

$259.95 - $279.95



For Resort


RESORT RIDING REQUIRES comfort, functionality and style to meet the demands of all types of conditions. Whether it's an early-season day in the East or a deep-winter pow day out West, the best resort gear can handle it all with aplomb, so you don't need to change your kit on the go and can still feel comfortable and warm to maximize each run.

The Cyrius goggles offer a super-wide and unobstructed field of vision so you can concentrate on nailing your line. With a cylindrical lens,
Julbo’s frameless construction, and REACTIV photochromic technology, the Cyrius is a premium, high-end goggle for skiers and snowboarders who demand the best.

The Hal optimizes comfort and compactness, with a two-color finish that underlines a modern design. From free touring to resort riding, it offers superb protection skiers and snowboarders seeking a lightweight, stylish and high-performance helmet.

I have been a fan of the Cyrius goggle thanks to its simple yet functional shape and REACTIV Photochromic lens that truly adapts to the changing light conditions. The new REACTIV 0-4 lens is another step up as all light conditions are now covered by one lens.

—Avery Bernholtz

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#color_Black with REACTIV 0-4 High Contrast Lens

$249.95 - $259.95