#color_Violet / Black with REACTIV 2-3 Glare Control Lens
#color_Grey / Green with REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast Lens
The new Razor Edge is exactly what I look for in a goggle. Perfect size frame, easy adjustable strap and lens options for every light condition with the REACTIV lenses. I've also had zero issues with fogging, which is most important for me."

Tim McChesney, Professional Skier


Julbo’s REACTIV lenses offer the widest photochromic range and the fastest reaction time on the market. Our REACTIV Photochromic lens technology is the only option available today that flawlessly and seamlessly reacts to UV light instantly, providing an optimized experience so you can see no matter the weather conditions.


Photochromic lenses adjust to changing light conditions by getting lighter or darker depending on the amount of UV light present. The more UV light—or the brighter the conditions—the darker the lens becomes, and vice versa. Julbo calls its photochromic technology REACTIV. REACTIV is the name for our proprietary photochromic technology. 

REACTIV photochromic technology is helpful when the weather changes, if you're recreating early or late in the day or if you're in and out of the woods frequently. Since the lenses change how light and dark they are, you don't need to switch from one lens to another or take off your sunglasses/goggles as conditions change.

Julbo offers a variety of REACTIV photochromic lenses, which are available in polarized and non-polarized options.

Read more about REACTIV photochromic technology here.

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REACTIV lenses are photochromic and adjust to changing light conditions by getting lighter or darker depending on the amount of UV light present. REACTIV lenses are made of NXT (Trivex), which has the clarity of glass and exceptional durability and impact resistance. 

SPECTRON lenses are not photochromic and will not lighten or darken. SPECTRON lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is shatter resistant, and are a versatile lens suitable for all types of activities.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) refers to the percentage of light that filters through a lens—the higher the number, the more light passes through. A window in a home, for example, might have a VLT of around 70%, allowing most visible light to pass through while filtering enough to keep your sofa from getting bleached. A typical goggle lens, like a home’s window, has a fixed VLT—the amount of light it lets through and blocks out remains the same, no matter how bright or dark it is outside. 

The VLT of Julbo’s REACTIV lenses, on the other hand, changes as ambient light changes. The new REACTIV 0-4 lens, which has the widest VLT range of any photochromic lens on the market, has a range of 83 to 5%. In other words, just 5% of visible light filters through the lens under extremely bright conditions, allowing for ultimate protection. Conversely, 83% of visible light filters through when it's dark out, allowing for total clarity. Regardless of VLT, REACTIV lenses filter 100% of harmful UVA, B, and C light.

High Contrast lenses have a rose tint and rose base color, designed to enhance contrast. HC (rose/red) tints are ideal for situations with varied terrain in low light, for example snowy, flat light conditions or during poor weather. 

Light Amplifier lenses have a yellow tint and yellow base color, designed to brighten everything by increasing light receptivity. LAF (yellow) tints are ideal for darker conditions, like trail running and mountain biking in the woods or recreating early and late in the day.


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