Kelly Catale racing her mountain bike in Julbo Sunglasses

Our Ambassadors Review Their Top Picks For Biking

Whether your two wheels are on pavement, gravel, singletrack or a downhill run, Julbo makes eyewear that covers each and every style of riding. Julbo ambassadors Kelly Catale, Starla Teddergreen, Max Morgan, Amy Morrison, Emily Werner, Kerry Werner and Steve Croucher review their top picks for gravel, cross country, trail, downhill and cyclocross.


The Fury sunglasses are perfect for mountain biking because the frames and lens are lightweight and breathable on humid days while still snug on bumpy and technical terrain. The REACTIV 1-3 lens is ideal for the constant changes in lighting while mountain biking—one moment I’m in a bright, open field and the next I’m in shaded singletrack, but the photochromic lens adjusts so quickly that I always forget I’m wearing them.

—Kelly Catale, endurance MTB and gravel racer

My favorite pair is the Fury REACTIV. I never have to change lenses or worry about lens choice when tackling events where I encounter different trail conditions from pre-dawn to dusk; my eyes are protected; and my vision is always clear. I would recommend them to anyone who wants one less thing to worry about on race day.

—Starla Teddergreen, gravel and MTB racer

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The Session goggles quickly became my go-to grab-and-go mountain bike goggles. The Session is a no-frills goggle that are easy to depend on, on every ride. The frame is super comfy on the nosepiece, and they seem to be bulletproof for just about everything I’ve put them through.

—Max Morgan, elite downhiller.


The Quickshift’s magnetic, removable pieces on the bottom allow for extra airflow when its warm or if there are pedal sections on an enduro racecourse. They don’t fog up thanks to those removable pieces! I recommend this product to those racing enduro, especially if it’s pedally or muddy. The extra airflow is key to not fogging up.

—Amy Morrison, 3x U.S. Enduro National Champion and MTB coach


I love the Rush for all things cycling. They provide ample eye protection, and they have an extremely customizable fit, with flexible arms to grip your head and behind your ears as well as a bendable and replaceable nose piece. They stay on your face in the sweatiest and bumpiest conditions. My favorite lens is the REACTIV lens—when traveling, it’s nice to just throw one pair of glasses in your bag that you know is going to be good for a variety of conditions and terrain with lots of changing light.

—Kerry Werner, elite cyclocross and MTB racer


I love how I don’t even notice I am wearing the Ultimate when I am racing—the adjustable nose- and earpieces combined with the half frame contribute to that. The REACTIV lenses are ideal for racing cyclocross with its changing conditions. I highly recommend them for cyclocross, especially with changing conditions like light to dark or sun to rain.

—Emily Werner, elite cyclocross racer


The Rush are THE eye protection tool for the job. As a professional offroad triathlete, I find it crucial to train and race knowing my equipment is without-fail when split-second decision-making at speed is the norm by foot or wheel. They have a massive field of vision, zero-split nose and never fog up. A sweet slate of color options makes these my go-to trainers.

—Steve Croucher, professional offroad triathlete