Ian Boswell on a gravel bike ride wearing Julbo sunglasses

New Perspectives: Why Ian Boswell Wears Julbo

In 2019, during stage four of Italy’s Tirreno-Adriatico stage race, a crash sidelined Ian Boswell. The latter effects of that concussion ended the professional road racing career of the cyclist from Bend, Oregon. But it also sparked a new endeavor into racing gravel—and a new understanding of the need for high quality eyewear.
“For me, my eyewear is much more about function than fashion,” Boswell says. “One of the things that became more apparent to me after a series of crashes and concussions that really affect my vision is [being sure] that my eyes are as dialed as possible.”
Adds Boswell, “Having the ability to have one pair of glasses that take you through that entire ride…that’s become more important.”