#color_Dark Violet / Dark Pink
#color_Dark Violet / Dark Pink
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#color_Grey Dark / Green Pastel
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#color_Transluscent Grey / Blue

Shield M

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Frame Color: Dark Violet / Dark Pink
Color:Dark Violet / Dark Pink


Shield M will open your field of vision and expand your mind in the mountains. The sleek, rectangular shape ensures style and boldness go together. Removable synthetic side shields block any unwanted light, Air Flow ventilation keeps fog at bay, and non-slip, curved temples and the Grip Nose ensure total security when things get bumpy. For those who climb, run and ride, Shield reflects a spirit of adventure and technical mastery.

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Removable Synthetic Side Shields

Soft, lightweight and comfortable side shields block extreme sunlight at high elevations and are easily removable.

Integrated Venting

Incorporated into the frame, the Shield venting facilitates air circulation and prevents fogging.

Bio-Sourced Rilsan

Made with materials derived from castor beans, this frame is lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly than frames made of traditional plastic.