#color_Montebianco Lenses REACTIV 2-4 Yellow/Gold Flash
#color_Montebianco Temples Matte Black/Lime Green
#color_Montebianco Lenses REACTIV 2-4 Yellow/Gold Flash
#color_Montebianco Lenses Spectron 3 Blue Flash
#color_Montebianco Lenses Spectron 4 Brown/Silver Flash
#color_Montebianco Side Shields Tan
#color_Montebianco Side Shields Black
#color_Montebianco Side Shields Lime
#color_Montebianco Side Shields Dark Blue
#color_Montebianco Side Shields Grey
#color_Montebianco Side Shields Red
#color_Montebianco Side Shields Blue
#color_Montebianco Side Shields Yellow
#color_Montebianco Temples Blue,
#color_Montebianco Temples Black,
#color_Montebianco Temples Green/Blue,

Montebianco Replacement Lenses & Parts

Sale price$80.00
Color: Montebianco REACTIV 2-4 Lens - Yellow/Gold Flash
Color:Montebianco REACTIV 2-4 Lens - Yellow/Gold Flash

Parts for original Montebianco sunglasses (will not fit Montebianco 2.0).  

Side Shields and Temple Arms are sold as a pair.  

Installation hardware is included.


Need help determining what part you're looking for? Read on for for detailed information regarding our spare parts

Determining What Style Sunglass You Have

Every pair of Julbo sunglasses will have the style name and sku number listed on the inside of the temple arm. The product name is typically listed above the sku number. The Sku number will begin with the letter "J" and will be followed by 7 numbers. If you're having trouble finding this information, please reach contact our Customer Service and they will provide assistance.

Temple Arms

The temple arm connects to the front frame and rests on your ears when you're wearing the sunglasses. All of our sunglasses come with replaceable temple arms, in a variety of materials.
Renegade Temple Arm    Fuse Temple Arm

Side and Nose Shields
Certain styles in the mountain collection come equipped with replaceable nose and side shields. These shields will be made from either leather or synthetic materials, and come in a variety of colors.
Explorer Side ShieldCham Side Shield

Julbo offers 3 types of lenses REACTIV Photochromic, Spectron Polycarbonate, and Alti Arc Mineral lenses. You can learn more about our lenses HERE. Identifying the style of sunglasses that you own will hep determine what lens was included on the sunglasses at purchase. 
For any further questions please CONTACT US.


Unfortunately, no. We sell replacement parts and lenses individually. Temple arms, side shields, and nose pads are sold in pairs.

We do provide instructions on the product page, but if you require additional assistance, you can email us at info@julbousa.com or call us at 800-651-0833.

Feel free to contact us at: info@julbousa.com