Julia Kern cross country ski racing in Julbo Sunglasses

Review: Julia Kern's Eyewear Picks For Nordic Skiing

Julia Kern is one of the U.S.'s top Nordic skiing athletes and has competed for all over the world, even placing third in Junior World Championships. Based in Stratton, Vermont, Julia spend most of her summer training by riding mountain bikes, trail running and roller skiing. We caught up with her to learn more about the Julbo products she uses the most and why.
  1. Julbo Aerospeed: The Aerospeed is my absolute #1 favorite. I wear it just about every day! They are so light and comfortable that I forget I am even wearing them. I have the Aerospeed in both the Reactiv Photochromic Performances lenses for days where the lighting is changing, as well as the Spectron 3CF Polycarbonate lenses when the sun is out in full force. Whether I am skiing, running, biking, hiking, or anything in between, these glasses are glued to my face.
  2. Julbo Rush: On days where I want full coverage of my eyes, I pull out the my Rush glasses. I feel like I have the full coverage of goggles all built into a pair of sunglasses. Whether the cold wind is holding on the ski trail, or the dust is getting stirred up on the trail, my eyes feel fully covered for any environment in the Rush glasses. Their bendable frames create a secure fit on the face to handle any bumpy adventure you find yourself on.  
  3. Julbo Sniper: The Sniper is my best friend on the days it is dumping snow or pouring rain. The large shield surface fends off all of the precipitation flying at your eyes and gives you a full field of vision in the days it is hard to see. I also like it on days where I want a lot of facial protection such as aggressive sprints with people’s poles flying all over the place. I like that I can flip up the shield if I want to block the precipitation from the top angle, or when I want to look closely at video review. Although is a bit more unique to me, the Sniper is one of the few products I have found works well with wearing a warming mask (for asthma) because it doesn’t fog up the lens. 
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