Haley Batten and the Julbo Density

Cyclists Review the Density Performance Sunglasses

The Density reinvents the rules of performance sunglasses with its bold look and REACTIV photochromic lenses. A favorite among cyclists like Unbound gravel winners Ian Boswell and Yuri Hauswald or cross country mountain bike athletes Savilia Blunk and Haley Batten, the Density are the best cycling sunglasses. 

Here's what our athletes and ambassadors say about Julbo's newest bold, stylish and functional pair of cycling sunglasses.

“The overall fit is amazing. They are super light but stay rock solid on my face.” —Chris Mehlman

"You really don't even feel them on your face and, within minutes, you forget they are even on. I dig that they are super low profile and sleek. I see myself wearing these on long rides on really any of my bikes, on the singletrack, road, and gravel." —Max Morgan

"The first thing I noticed was how lightweight they are. Even so, they feel protective, with an ultra-wide lens. It's a wild experience—first time I can say I've experienced a lightweight but bulletproof setup like this." —Steve Croucher

“I love how light they are, and the bendable arms are great for added fit and confidence in the chunky stuff.” —Kerry Werner

"I've been wearing the 1-3 High Contrast lens model and absolutely love it! The glasses stay in place on my face even in the roughest terrain. What I love the most is that I don't even notice them—they are so light, comfortable and breathable, and I love the style." —Tina Severson

"I absolutely love how light they are and how they seamlessly adapt to the light conditions. They fit great with my Abus helmet. I love how I can bend the arms for a secure fit." —Starla Teddergreen

"I like how they are so light, the lens is big, and the frame so small enough for my face, so it is easy to forget you are wearing them. I also obviously love the pink." —Emily Shields Werner

“The light, minimalist frame of the Density means that you forget that they are on your face. The wide lenses provide great coverage and unobstructed vision while navigating the sharp rocks of the Flint Hills and the Comfort Fit means that they interface with your helmet in a way that’s secure on your face.” —Yuri Hauswald

Simply Bold

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A large cylindrical lens combines with a minimalist frame and moldable CustomFit Temples to offer a precise fit and a light-as-air feel. Enhanced security comes from soft grip inserts on the nose bridge and Grip Tech Temples that won't snag on hair or helmet straps. The wide lens provides an unrestricted field of vision while ventilation above the nose promotes airflow to eliminate fogging. If performance were measured by speed and style, the Density would be King of the Mountain.

Translucent Black / Copper
REACTIV 0-3 High Contrast

Translucent Grey / Blue
REACTIV 1-3 Light Amplifier

Black / Black
REACTIV 1-3 High Contrast