Ultimate Cover

Ultimate Cover

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Combining high protection and ultra-lightness, Ultimate Cover reinvents mountain eyewear. A removable, synthetic nose guard and side shields provide optimal protection against the harshest sun, strongest wind, and most bitter cold. CustomFIT Temples with Grip Tech structure and a 3D Nose offer adjustability for a personalized and ultra-secure fit. A wide, panoramic lens gives a modern look that provides protection, a massive field of vision, and visual comfort, allowing Ultimate Cover to help you push your limits all the way to the top.

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Julbo REACTIV Lens Guide

Spectron lens Guide

REACTIV photochromic lenses automatically transition from lighter to darker depending on the amount of UV light present. This proprietary technology has the widest photochromic range and fastest reaction time on the market, offering superior optical quality, enhanced durability and a lifetime warranty.

REACTIV photochromic lenses offer unrivaled performance in all conditions and a range of unique benefits

Julbo REACTIV lenses offer the fastest response time to changes in light
Julbo REACTIV lenses offer the widest photochromic ranges
Julbo REACTIV lenses are covered under a lifetime guarantee
Julbo REACTIV lenses are non-temperature sensitive

Removable Synthetic Side Shields

Soft, lightweight and comfortable side shields block extreme sunlight at high elevations and are easily removable.

Removable Synthetic Nose Guard

Comfortable, breathable, lightweight and easily removable, the synthetic nose guard protects against wind and intense sunlight in extreme environments.

Bio-Sourced Rilsan

Made with materials derived from castor beans, this frame is lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly than frames made of traditional plastic.