#color_matte translucent black / matte black
#color_matte translucent black / matte black
#color_matte translucent black / matte black
Turn 2
#color_matte translucent black / matte black

Turn 2

Sale price$34.95
SKU: J5591114
Frame Color: Matte Translucent Black / Matte Black
Color:Matte Translucent Black / Matte Black


Although they might look like sunglasses for adults, the new Turn 2 model has been specifically designed for young children, with measurements and proportions adapted to their facial shape. Cheerful and sophisticated with colored mirror lenses, they're 100% fashion. But with their curved temples and deep lenses, they're also 100% Julbo, protecting the fragile eyes of children with maximum efficiency.

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  • Cord Attachment: Temples are shaped to work perfectly with a Julbo cord, keeping sunglasses secure in all conditions.
  • Curved Temples: Ergonomic profile perfectly balances grip and comfort.

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