I bought my Vermont glacier glasses in 1980 and they are still going strong today in 2023.

Mark H.


Why Has the Vermont Classic Been Trusted For Over 70 Years?

The Vermont Classic are the original round mountaineer sunglasses. Released in 1950 they have been worn by mountaineers, rock stars and Julbo fans alike who value comfort and protection in the mountains and an iconic look around town. Vermont Classic offers much more than a pair of sunglasses: they provide pure emotion in the form of shiny metal, soft leather and round, high-performance lenses.

Removable Side Shields

Ultimate Protection

The signature feature of glacier glasses is unmistakably vintage and has protected the eyes of generations of mountaineers. The Vermont Classic's removable side shields provide protection from glare and wind.

Superior Lenses

100% UV Protection

The Vermont Classic is equipped with our Spectron 4 and Alti Arc 4 lenses, offering comprehensive protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC light. These lenses reduce glare and provide superior protection in high-altitude or bright environments, making them ideal for sensitive eyes.

Durable Metal Frames

Hand Built Durability

The Vermont Classic is built to last for years. Its metal frames, tested and approved by mountaineers worldwide, ensure both durability and timeless design.

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#color_Gun / White with Spectron 3 Lens

Gun / White


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