Rock, ice, or alpine climbing Julbo's are second to none. If I could only have one pair of glasses for the mountains, they would be my choice!

Tyler A.




All of Julbo's mountain products come equipped with removable side shields for added protection from glare and wind.


Polarized lenses provide superior eye protection at higher elevations, and in snow covered environments. All of Julbo's Glacier Sunglasses offer a Polarized lens in our REACTIV Photochromic, or Spectron Polycarbonate lenses.


The Vermont Classic mountaineering glasses are as timeless as they are stylish. A signature of Julbo's mountain heritage, these sunglasses have been worn by mountaineers, rock stars and Julbo fans alike who value comfort and protection in the mountains and an iconic look around town. Vermont Classic offers much more than a pair of sunglasses: they provide pure emotion in the form of shiny metal, soft leather and round, high-performance lenses.

#color_Gun / White with Spectron 3 Lens

Gun / White


#color_Vermont Lenses Brown Spectron 3

Brass / Brown


#color_Copper / Brown Dark with Spectron 3 Lens

Copper / Dark Brown


Black / Brown


Chrome / Black


#color_Black / Black with Alti Arc 4 Lens

Black / Black



The Shield will open your field of vision and expand your mind in the mountains. The sleek, rectangular shape ensures style and boldness go together. Removable synthetic side shields block any unwanted light, while non-slip, curved temples and the Grip Nose ensure total security when things get bumpy. For those who climb, run and ride, Shield reflects a spirit of adventure and technical mastery.

#color_Blue / Blue / Orange with REACTIV 2-4 Polarized Lens

Blue / Blue / Orange


#color_Transluscent Black / Neon Orange with REACTIV 2-4 Polarized Lens

Translucent Black / Neon Orange


#color_Translucent Black

Translucent Black


#color_Transluscent Black / Black / Gun with Spectron 4 Lens

Translucent Black / Black / Gun


#color_Dark Blue / Blue / Green

Dark Blue / Blue / Green



New generations of mountain travelers nostalgic for earlier times will find their style with the frame worn by the greatest mountaineers of Chamonix. The Cham is pure emotion, the alchemy of shiny metal, soft leather and rivets, and high-performance mirror lenses. For comfort and vision in the mountains and stylish credentials in town, Cham is an alpine classic.

#color_Cham Side Shields Copper / Natural leather (pair)

Copper / Natural Leather


#color_Cham Side Shields Brown (pair)

Copper / Tobacco


#color_Cham Side Shields Black/Kaki (pair)

Black / Grey


#color_Black Matte / Black with Spectron 3 Lens

Black Matte / Black


#color_Silver / Black with Spectron 4 Lens

Silver / Black


#color_Black / Black with Alti Arc 4 Lens

Black / Black



When exploring the high mountains, harsh sunlight and solar radiation can be a dangerous and constant threat. The right sunglasses can help mitigate these risks and protect your eyes, ensuring safe and successful trips into the mountains.

All of Julbo's glacier sunglasses are equipped with removable side shields. Side shields aren't necessary, but they do provide an additional layer of protection from the increased glare encountered in the high mountains.

Polarization operates on the same principle as Venetian blinds, filtering light along a single axis. In sunglasses, the pattern of polarization filters light traveling along a horizontal axis, providing the most effective protection from the surface glare off snow. This helps ease eye strain during long days outside and increases visual contrast, comfort, and clarity.

Julbo’s polarizing treatment comes in two forms: a thin chemical laminate that’s applied to the surface of the lens and a unique chemical laminate that’s sandwiched between two lens materials.

Exposure to solar radiation increases significantly in the mountains.In addition, the snow reflects between 80 and 90 percent of solar radiation compared with 20 percent on non-snowy ground. Glacier glasses are equipped with lenses that will only let through 3 to 8 percent of visible light. Providing superior protection form solar radiation and glare. In addition to protecting your eyes against harmful sunlight, and glare that glacier sunglasses defend against the wind, cold, and snow. Julbo's Glacier