My primary goal is to encourage people to see the world aboard two wheels while taking better care of Playground Earth.

HOMETOWN: North Wilmington, Delaware


INSTAGRAM: @bricycles

Where are you from, where do you live now, and what's the riding like?

I grew up on a farm in Western Maryland, which is where I think I fell in love with the mountains and the Appalachians in particular. I now live at the very top of the state of Delaware in North Wilmington, often referred to as the Squamish of…Delaware. It’s not my first choice, but it works for my family, and I am fortunate to have rad trails a quick two-mile pedal down the road, an international airport 20 minutes away, and am equidistance to New England and the southeast.

What is your favorite place to ride mountain bikes?

That’s the beautiful thing about mountain biking—it can be brilliant in the most unexpected places. That said, I recently had the privilege of filming a short film in the fjords of Songdal, Norway, and it changed my life.

What’s a fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I tend to forget this myself, but I was actually the homecoming king of my college! We only had like 2,000 kids during that time, so it wasn't especially prestigious, but it cracks me to think about whenever it comes up!

What are you up to when you're not riding?

I’m a parent to three amazing and insane children. Logan is 8, Henry is 5, and Hazel is about to turn 3. They take up most of my energy not reserved for mountain bikes. I love stand up paddling as well, and have been a lifelong snowboarder.

IN A RECENT CHAPTER OF Brice Shirbach’s Sight Unseen video series, the mountain biker heads to Guatemala, partnering with nonprofit World Ride, riding previously unridden trails on Central American volcanos and experiencing an unexpected cultural immersion.

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