Tim McChesney performaing a trick in the park

Tim McChesney's Backcountry Freeride Kit

“I’m obsessed with gear,” says Tim McChesney. “I love getting to work with companies who make quality products that help me perform in the mountains.” The freeskier from Salt Lake City, Utah, shares what he’s wearing and skiing on, including what’s new from Julbo, Oyuki and Faction, and what he likes about it.

Starting with eyewear I use the Julbo Cyrius goggles with a 0-4 REACTIV lens every day that I ski. I love the REACTIV lens technology, and it’s so nice to not have to swap lenses throughout the day as the weather changes. The Cyrius google also fits great with the Julbo Hyperion helmet (to be released in autumn 2023). This helmet is very comfortable and light, so much that I barely notice I’m wearing it.

I also usually throw some Fury sunglasses in my pack to toss on during hikes. My favorite thing about the Fury is that they don’t seem to fog up at all during long ski tours.

Then I use the Oyuki Goshiki 3L jacket and pants. I got the chance to work with the designers at Oyuki to help test and develop this outerwear, and I’m happy with how it came out. The material is not stiff and crinkly like many other 3L pieces but keeps me dry even on the wettest days.

As far as gloves I usually use the Sencho glove, and on warm days or when I’m hiking a lot, I’ll throw on the Nikko Gore-Tex Infinium glove.

I get the pleasure of using a nice quiver of skis from Faction skis. I’ve been spending most of my days this season on the Mana 3.0 and the Prodigy 4.0. I typically use the Mana 3.0 if it’s not too deep or I’m just going to cruise the resort. At 112mm underfoot it’s the perfect do-everything ski for me. When I’m skiing deep pow, I always go with the Prodigy 4.0. I’ve been skiing this ski for many years now, and it performs so well for how I like to ski in the pow. Match those up with the Lange XT3 140 bootsLook Pivot 15 bindings with a CAST Touring setup, and that’s the gear I spend my winters using.