Watch: Revenge of the Topside Boys

Watch: Revenge of the Topside Boys

As with any athlete, a freerider’s career consists of both highs and lows. The highs are often synonymous with great achievements like opening new lines; the lows unfortunately often involve injuries, accidents or scares. In the history of the Topside Boys, they started on a project that turned from dream – a “dream zone” as Nikolai Schirmer describes it – into something that bordered on a nightmare, with an avalanche that could have been fatal.

Fortunately, everyone returned relatively unscathed.

Imagine standing at the top of a mountain after a long climb with your favorite adventure buddies before setting off on skis or a snowboard for one of the best rides of your life. If you can relate to these moments, you have the Topside Boys spirit.


Last winter, the Topside Boys—Norwegian freeride and backcountry skier Nikolai Schirmer, filmmaker Joonas Mattila and splitboarder Krister Furnes Koppala—return to Finnmark, Norway, to seek revenge on a mountain where an avalanche once caused disaster for their crew.

On A Quest for Beauty

The Topside Boys


Nikolai became known for his committed and superbly masterful style of skiing, both on the north faces of Chamonix and in the gullies of the Arctic. Patient and meticulous in all his skiing endeavors, he works carefully on every detail of his videos, encouraging engagement from his community. He also involves his community in his work to raise awareness of climate change


Although Krister and Nikolai have known each other since they were young, they’ve only been riding companions for the past six years. This is probably due to the fact that one of them has a pair of skis on his feet while the other glides on a single board. Krister’s talent is expressed through snowboaring, and he expresses it really well.


Joonas has been Nikolai’s partner for 10 years through all their video projects, and Nikolai says he’s the best contemporary video maker in the ski industry: “Strong as a hawk, with the ears of a fox and the eyes of an eagle.” Joonas’s talent behind the camera is combined with solid physical and technical abilities when it comes to filming in sketchy situations.
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