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Goggle Options For Prescription Glasses Wearers

Vision problems shouldn't stop you from enjoying a winter sports. For anyone who can't wear corrective contact lenses, prescription sunglasses are a very good alternative. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse you'll need goggles to cope with wind, cold and snow. Julbo has developed a collection of ski goggles for glasses wearers, offering ametropic athletes (whether short-sighted, long-sighted, or astigmatic) the same goggle and lens technologies as people with 20/20 vision.


Our OTG (Over The Glasses) collection features all our best products and lets you benefit from all our know-how and all our technologies such as REACTIV photochromic lenses, the SuperFlow System and the Minimalist Frame. You can choose between two solutions: 

  • Optical clips: This system can be directly adapted to meet your prescription needs by an optician. Easy-to-use, it can be adapted to all the goggles in our OTG range.
Clip Optique

  • Ski goggles that can be worn directly over your glasses. They have been specially designed to fit glasses behind the goggles using a specific foam and frame cut-out. But before buying anything, you need to try the goggles with your glasses because depending on their shape and size, they might not be compatible. 
Masque OTG

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