Dorian Densmore Skis Argentina's Record Winter in "Zonda"

Dorian Densmore Skis Argentina's Record Winter in "Zonda"

"Zonda" follows skier Dorian Densmore through South America during the biggest winter in 20 years. Along with Catalan skier Adria Millan and Argentino snowboarder Alejo Sanchez, Densmore skied record-setting storms, went on high-elevation adventures with spiky ice penitentes and explored new lines in gigantic mountains.

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El Viento Zonda is a fast and crazy wind specific to Cuyo, Argentina.

It comes down the mountains into the valleys at terrific speeds, destroying most things in its path. After each Zonda comes cold weather and snow to the mountains.

In 2024, it brought a wild winter to Argentina.

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